Experience Track

At Propel by MIPIM – Paris, participants should always be active and open-minded. The 2020 programme will include out of the box formats to explore the challenges of the built environment.

Registration to Propel by MIPIM and the Paris Real Estate Week is mandatory; register now and book your spot in one or more of our Experience Track sessions below.

Serious Game

Cascaded and alternate crises - social, health, economic and environmental ones - are shaping cities. Several city models seek to address territorial resilience challenges, such as the “eco-city” model, “smart city” model, “adaptable city” model or “quarter hour city” one.

Come exploring resilience of 5 territories, from a rural town to a global city and one of the largest european port cities, using LaVilleE+’s impact approach/assessment. Co-construct among one of our 5 pilot territories your own scenario and pattern for a more resilient and human city by playing a serious game, employing collective intelligence.

In partnership with LaVilleE+

LaVilleE+ is a real estate startup, subsidiary of Société Générale, specialized in Urban Strategic Coaching.

LaVilleE+’s ambition : to cocreate tomorrow’s inclusive and human centric cities and erase the risk of controversy by using design thinking and serious gaming workshops including all the stakeholders.

Design Thinking

A more intimate format in order to work on the relationship to others into the built environment: individualism vs. collective, inclusive buildings & cities.

We must rethink the place of the human in this social isolation that is created. New technologies must serve innovation through a process of ownership and openness to others.

What if circular economy was a credible answer to the economical, social and environmental crisis we are currently experimenting? Cities can prove to be pioneers in the application of new economic approaches, giving their chance to innovative and meaningful solutions. 

Through the perspective of circular neighborhoods, we welcome you to explore these ideas in a collective intelligence workshop alongside the entrepreneurs and actors of tomorrow's world.

In partnership with Paris&Co

Paris&Co is the innovation and economic development agency of the Paris metropolitan area. The agency supports innovation by incubating more than 500 French and foreign startups each year, conducting experimentation for innovative solutions, and organizing national and international tech events.

Its development is based on an open innovation approach, in close collaboration with more than 120 major corporations and institutions.

Design Fiction

Design fiction, the innovation process for the new coming world

Design Fiction is an agile design methodology used by leading organizations to design products and services that will remain relevant in the future. In this introductory workshop, you will learn how to use the design fiction methodology for your business.

In partnership with Schoolab

For 14 years, we’ve been building a unique ecosystem to support transformation of organisation, from startups to multinationals, to accelerate their innovation project. We build, design and launch new products, services and innovation labs, for any organisations, from universities to private/public actors. Better and faster.

Propel Student Challenge

The first edition of the Propel Student Challenge invites teams of students to imagine a neighborhood that achieves the objectives of socially sustainable development for all.

6 short-listed teams will compete at Propel by MIPIM – Paris during a 1 and a half day Hackathon, ending with the selection of the winning team by a jury of renowned Real Estate & Tech game changers!

The Jury

Claire Flurin

R&D+Innovation Director

Keys AM

Michael Knaute

Director, Sustainable Cities

Paris & Co

Sylvain Grisot



Diego Ferri

Senior Director of Strategic Projects


Caroline Lamaud



Régine Engström

Director of Strategic Partnership NSE & CSR


Sponsored by Keys AM

In partnership with Agorize and FaberNovel

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