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Propel by MIPIM - Paris (ex-MIPIM PropTech Europe) is the meeting place for game-changers who aim at (re)creating a sustainable, desirable and prosperous built environment. Although innovative initiatives are now widespread throughout public and private sectors, designing moments conducive to drive new discovery and business opportunities to act better remains crucial.

Propel by MIPIM focuses, in particular, on topics that have gone far beyond a “B to B” approach. Data, sustainability, talent, investment and user experience. These components are key in the editorial and commercial approach since businesses and citizens care about it.

By discovering and bringing to life local ecosystems, we aim at developing a better understanding of what is a stake in different areas of the globe when it comes to the transformation of the built environment. By gathering these local ecosystems during major international gatherings, we aim at giving maximum impact to ideas, projects and solutions that deserve prominent exposure.

Building sustainable intellectual and commercial bridges, based on openness and collective mindset, is where we see our added value in an era of transformation.

Main topics of the programme of conference

Green is the new Grey

Propel by MIPIM will discuss how innovations in the built environment approach the topics of sustainability, mobility, energy efficiency and how the real estate industry can deliver social and environmental benefits.

When money floods the market

Are we heading to a startups and funds market saturation? How different regions around the globe address tech investment in the real estate market? Is there a winning strategy from the real estate side?

Towards a new use of the data

We are now heading towards a new use of the data. How to generate relevant information through the amount of data available? How to use it to grow the relationship with clients? What about cybersecurity and ethics?

Into the War-for-Talent

In the era of the digital transformation, how should companies recruit new talents? How to keep them and to make them evolve with the market? Is the real estate industry ready to attract innovative minds?

(re)Design the access

Fostering technologies enable the real estate industry to anticipate and meet user needs. From city planners to developers, how innovation can help the user experience?

The new formats of sessions and conferences

Experience the challenges of the urban environment through design thinking, serious game, open debates, and the first hackathon at Propel by MIPIM.

More information

Inspiring the ecosystem with closed-door in-depth discussions. Speakers will meet with the audience in private to discuss; market trends, insights, their vision on specific topics.

Accelerating the opportunities to meet and deal with the community. Propel by MIPIM will reshape the matchmaking experience so you can meet the right person and do real business.

Digging into the hot technologies for the real estate market. Take the Propel by MIPIM experience outside and in real life. We will conduct a tour in exclusive projects of innovation in the real estate market.

Propel by MIPIM – Paris

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September 14 – 15, 2020


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What our 2019 speakers said

Can a building make someone more productive? Productivity is dead. Long live performance. Too many smart buildings are overfocused on design. Optimising spaces is a different science.

Josh Artus, Co-Founder & Director, The Centric Lab

5 proptech lessons:
- Don’t ignore innovation
- Cannibalise/disrupt yourself
- New demand requires a new approach
- Business models will evolve, be a part of it
- Own the customer relationship
...and don’t forget VC pitfalls!

Roelof Opperman, Co-Lead of PropTech Investments, Fifth Wall